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Free futuristic battle royale FPS

Hyper Scape is a free-to-play battle royale first-person shooter game wherein you have to fight over a much-coveted crown. Developed and published by Ubisoft, this unique last-man-standing game leads you into thrilling action in the futuristic city of Neo Arcadia. Similar to Fortnite and Apex Legends, you get to battle other players in the world and prove your survival skills in this sprawling cityscape of skyscrapers and metro lines. 

Welcome to the concrete jungle

The premise of the game centers around Hyper Scape. It is a virtual reality world hosted by a fictional technology company in the far future known as Prisma Dimensions. This world has a popular competitive sport called Crown Rush, and it pits up to 100 players in squads of three into the urban cyberspace city, Neo Arcadia. There’s also a solo mode wherein you have to play in the dark.

This game is different from most battle royale games when it comes to gameplay mechanics. There are no hero abilities, weapon rarities, or consumables. Instead of a gradually-shrinking poisonous circle, the city’s sectors start to decay and expose you to enemy fire, eventually dealing with damage over time. When you die, you enter Spectator Mode and must alert your teammates of enemies. Killing one will open a respawn point, and your team can then revive you.

Here, upgrading weapons require finding copies of it on the map. You can also loot Hacks, which are abilities like healing and shields that you can equip. There’s no fall damage, sliding is quick, and you can double-jump—aided all the more with the bounce pads scattered on the map. When one sector is left, the Crown spawns. You either have to hold onto it for 45 seconds or eliminate everyone else to win.

Beyond the game

Overall, Hyper Scape aims to offer a refreshing take on the battle royale genre. Not only does it enforce team coordination and skillful play rather than relying on abilities and powerful weapons, but it also encourages audience participation through the Twitch integration that lets you vote for battle events like Low Gravity and Infinite Ammo. This game has lots of competition, unfortunately, but it’s a great recommendation if you want something fresh, nonetheless.


  • Map shrinks by district instead of in a ring
  • You can still help your team after dying
  • The final showdown turns the battle royale into Capture the Flag
  • Weapons are all balanced and must be upgraded with their copies


  • Has a lot of more successful rivals in the genre

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